Augmented Reality geolocation game that challenges player to collect as many objects as they can in less time. Objects are virtually put on top of Google Maps. Game won "Most Innovative" category for udacity html5 game contest.


An online blogging platform in Arabic. I am a contributor as a web developer and community manager. Contributing in HTML5 SASS and AngularJS code. Along with recruiting more developers and getting more writers to use the platform.
Manshar Website Screenshot


A one page website for SIPWomen group in SF. SIPWomen is a community for women go-getters who gather to discuss various topics around work, social and personal life. The website was built using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Currently hosted on Google Drive.
SIPWomen Website Screenshot


A website that showcases Palestinian Youth Voices using articles, pictures and videos. The website was built using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Ruby on Rails. Hosted on Heroku.
PalVoices Website Screenshot

Birzeit University

Computer Systems Engineering

Graduated Jan, 2013
Birzeit University

Presenting Bazinga!

Startup Weekend (Which I won!)


12th of August, 1988
Happy Birthday!
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